Exactal offers standalone, network and portable licence options for all our products. Your organisation can have a combination of these if desired, and we can change your setup at any time to suit your needs. CostX® is easy to install and the installation process can be completed by the end user.


Standalone Licence

A Standalone licence allows a single user exclusive access to the software at any time. It is installed on a single PC and can be used only on that PC.


Network Licence

Network licences allow the software to be installed on multiple PCs, with a central database installed on a server (this may also be a normal PC). It allows a set number of current users. For example, an organisation can have 5 licences shared amongst 8 users able to access the software at any point in time. Network licences also allow multiple users to work on the same project together.


Portable Licence

A Portable licence allows the software to be installed on multiple PCs but only becoming active when a USB key is inserted. It allows multiple users for the one licence. For example, a portable licence can be used in the office, at home or out on site. It can be used in both standalone and network configurations.













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