KEY FEATURES   CostX Key Features

  • measurement video 2D Takeoff
    Supports scanned, PDF or CAD drawings and 3D models/BIM – all without the need to buy CAD software.
  • measurement video 3D / BIM Takeoff
    Supports BIM by using digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.
  • measurement video Workbooks
    Powerful spreadsheet based workbooks are live-linked to the drawings.
  • measurement video Auto-Revisioning
    Unique revision mode compares drawings and highlights the changes to identify revisions and update quantities.
  • measurement video Subcontractor Comparison
    Subcontractor comparison workbooks can be generated with associated reports.
  • measurement video Network Capability
    Network capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same project at once.
  • measurement video Paperless Estimating
    Free CostX® Viewer allows others to view your estimates and reports without paper copies.
  • plus More Features...
    • Codes & zones allow work to be sorted & regrouped.
    • Report writer produces customised professional reports.



The complete 3D/BIM and 2D estimating solution


CostX® enables you to quickly and accurately take off quantities from 2D drawings and generate automatic quantities from 3D models / BIM using the most advanced electronic takeoff system available. Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders easily and all in a fraction of the time and cost!

Why CostX®?

CostX® is Exactal’s top-of-the-range product. More companies are using CostX® for their complete estimating solution and are demonstrating strong returns on their investment. CostX® is a powerful project costing tool that enables estimators to utilise the most advanced electronic takeoff system while embracing BIM to deliver better results to clients. It can reduce take off time by up to 80%.

Also available ...

CostXL tightly integrates into Microsoft Excel® allowing you to access all your CostX® data in your Excel® spreadsheet.


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