CostX 6 - Next Level Takeoff & Estimating

To coincide with our milestone of selling over 7,000 commercial licences worldwide under Dimensioneering Group, Exactal is pleased to announce that all new CostX® 6.0 is now available! All new CostX® 6.0 enhances all the CostX® features you know and love, taking them to the next level with a new & improved technology platform. This will provide higher performance and faster speeds especially with large datasets and across networks.


Some of the other great features include:

  • Support for Windows 10.
  • Quoting support previously only available in CostX® Viewer is now supported in CostX®.
  • Portable licences can now be used on a network.
  • Improved IFC navigation.
  • New Dimension Offset field to set a height above datum for Dimensions.
  • Workbooks list can optionally display a unit cost rate for gross floor area.
  • Fully translatable interface.
  • Phraseology libraries now support text formatting such as bold and underline.
  • Simplified download and installation with unified 32/64-bit installers across the product range.
  • Additional Rate and Rate Library features.
  • Additional Code and Code Library features.



Watch our CostX 6.0 webinar below to find out more!


  • CostX 6.0 Webinar

    CostX® 6.0 Webinar (00:37:53)

  • CostX® 6.0 Webinar (17 Dec 2015)
    In this webinar, you’ll learn all about the new features available in CostX® 6.0!



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