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Looking for more CostX® in your life?


There has never been a better time to buy more CostX® for your team with our end of year promotion meaning all new licence purchases receive free maintenance for the first year. That's a free year of phone and email support plus all upgrades; a saving of up to $972 per licence. But you must commit by June 30th.

CostX® features include:

  • Measuring counts, lengths and areas with a single click
  • Supports scanned, PDF and CAD 2D drawings
  • View and extract automatic quantities from 3D/BIM models
  • Compare drawings and highlight the changes to identify drawing variations
  • Live-linked workbooks that can be taken down to ten levels
  • Ability to hide or show different drawing layers
  • Ability to create unlimited rate libraries
  • Subcontractor comparison workbook

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